Spiritual Mind Unfoldment

The unique human experience of spiritual unfoldment is happening to many souls at this time. Micro layers ease through the process of peeling back beliefs from the system of doctrine etched into the waking conscious mind.

Human beings are having spiritual experience the human body houses the spirit which houses the minds development process.

The subconscious mind develops in the last trimester of fetal growth. The subconscious mind then begins to form belief systems from surroundings,formed birth to the age of five years old. The complexity of the brain is that it can only interpret what it sees. Yet the Spiritual mind has an eye not of physical form. The minds eye is an energy and that energy is omnipresent.

As each belief unfolds the minds eye begins to form a new belief taught from the spirit and not taught from man.

Unfoldment happens when the soul chooses to shift conscious awaken realities to a unconscious or subconscious level. Releasing the preset filters of perception so that spirit may create a new altered state of being.

The unfoldment has been compared to the birth and death process. Some will say becoming or remembering. It is simply amazingly life affirming Unfoldment.

Published by Omholistic Jax’s

Intuitive metaphysical practitioner and healer, currently serving the Jacksonville, Florida community.

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